ADK Hospital, is the first private hospital situated in Malé, Republic of Maldives. The hospital is one the two major hospitals located in Malé. ADK Hospital is owned by ADK Enterprises which also owns one of the biggest pharmacy lines in Malé, Maldives.

ADK Hospital has a total of 50 beds as of 2007. In 2008, the private company started a renew process of the hospital, including the introduction of a new logo, refurbishment of the existing hospital wing and also the construction of a new multi-storey hospital wing.

General Information
ADK's beginnings with the small medical clinic with a single doctor and an attached pharmacy that was opened in 1987 under the name "Mediclinic" by Mr. Ahmed Nashid and Mr. Hassan Ibrahim, who are brothers-in-law. In 1990, As the clinic became more and more recognized and its services expanded, the Clinic was upgraded as ADK Medical Centre.
[edit] ADK Enterprises and ADK Company

In 1994, corresponding with the opening of the second ADK pharmacy in 1990, the company decided to split into two. The medical and clinical operations were brought under ADK Enterprises Private Limited while ADK Company Private Limited concentrated on expanding the pharmaceutical operations.

ADK's pharmaceutical operations have expanded significantly over the past 17 years and it is today the largest wholesale distributor as well as retailer of pharmaceutical products in the country. Currently, ADK operates 5 pharmacies in Malé, 1 in Vilimalé and an optical showroom, with exclusive rights to advertise and sell Alcon Pharmaceuticals and Hugo Boss products in the Maldives.

ADK today represents one of the most successful, innovative and dynamic business venture in the Maldives, with a staff strength of nearly 250 and a business turnover of over US$ 4 million.

The Logo of ADK Hospital was rebranded in late 2008. The new logo depicts the following: The snake wrapped around the wand represents the rod of Asclepius used as the international medical symbol, depicting healing through medicine. The apple denotes health and well being as well as prevention.

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