Coral Group was established in early 2018 by a group of young people, who worked together as colleagues in their previous company for nearly a decade. We helped establish Maldives’ largest international airline, and hope to do more in our current endeavour. We bring the startup spirit and our previous experience to make Coral Group the go-to solution for training and travel needs.

Coral Group currently comprises Coral Academy and Coral Journeys. While Coral Academy was established with the aim of providing affordable training programs, Coral Journeys seeks to help travellers experience the most memorable journeys by providing customized packages for both budget and luxury travelers
Where does the name “Coral Group” come from?

Corals form reefs, and reefs are among the most diverse ecosystems, providing sustenance to millions of species.
A coral is a beautiful, dynamic, living entity with potential not just for growth, but growth that influences and helps shape the active, healthy environment in which it resides. Our multi-talented team takes inspiration from the coral, and hope to create and support a satisfying training and travelling environment for our customers, much like our namesake, the Coral.

Corals are quite special to us we view ourselves as an embodiment of the coral.

Here at Coral Group, we believe there is always a better way to do everything. Although we are focused on travelling and training, we hope to do more, just as a reef may emerge from a collective of corals.

Coral dreams of building a world class training academy, specializing in the aviation industry. This would benefit the youth and our community to develop their careers within the region at an affordable price.

  • 1st Floor, H. Gaadhoo Building, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Malé, Maldives

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