Pumping up parties from white sandy beaches to clubs internationally Vifak had risen his fame in his homeland in the early 2000. Grown up in the tropical paradise of the Maldive Islands entertaining friends at house parties was the most phenomenon of his career since 1998.

His passion for Hip Hop and electronic music were eventually the decision to become a dj. Mixing together with different music genres in his set were his first familiarity to his career.

Adding up deep and soulful taste in his sets were his second entity, since the arrival of exotic luxury venues to the Maldives, and which brought him to support and share the decks along side with the legendary Claude Challe (Buddha Bar), Jose Padilla (Café Del Mar) and DJ Ravin (Buddha Bar).
Apart from that VIfak was also been a support Dj for DJ Poet Name Life of the Black Eyed Peas, during his tour to the Maldives. And most recently to support and spin the closing set for the British superstar artist Tinie Tempah at the opening of world's 1st Underwater Club SubSix at Niyama Maldives.

Since then Vifak had decided to take things to the next level by creating his own music. Experimenting music in his bedroom building mash ups were his most fun during 2009. The great success of his experiments led in producing two tracks of his collaboration with a homegrown band and performed live on SOM (Sounds Of Maldives) Which was one of the massive concerts in the Maldives ever held. It was the next foremost success to his career in the local scene as the first Maldivian DJ to remix live along with the instruments like saxophone, Guitar and Percussions.

Ranked as the Maldives #1 DJ on, Vifak has being passionate to electronic dance and urban style, along with his enthusiastic mixing skills had taken the ability to cross over to different musical styles and understanding of how to work a crowd either in a pub, lounge bar or in a club.

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