It is with great pride and pleasure that I introduce IE World Schools to you. IE, which stands for Islanders Education, was the first to open a private international school in the Republic of Maldives.

Over a short period of time, IE grew to become the largest private educator in the country and today runs 13 educational institutions teaching from ages 2 to 18 and; a foundation providing free access to high quality professional development for educators.

IE World Schools follow a revolutionary model of 21st century education offering leading research-based learning to students from preschool to higher education in state of the art Smart Schools.

Our signature - “Education that Ignites Greatness” affirms our belief that all students are uniquely gifted in their own unique way. IE World Schools celebrate the holistic vision of education to be the single greatest enabler of social and economic growth in any nation.

We provide our school community of students, their parents, families, teachers and administrators a welcoming, fun, friendly, safe and secure environment. We pride ourselves in the ability to develop and facilitate our students with the skills, knowledge, values and core competencies that will guide them to excel in their own right in the 21st century and in any environment they may find themselves in the future.

Members of our management team are distinguished by their commitment, expertise and experience. Each and every member of the IE team is an expert in his or her own field with years of experience to support their academic qualifications.

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