Our pizza story begins with a pizzaioli – pizza chef – that lifts a pillow of fermented dough from a tray and gently flattens it on the worktop using the fingers and palms of his hands. He then lifts it up and spins it in the air until the dough elasticity allows it to expand to 12 inches. The story then goes on to ladle the thick & rich homemade pizza sauce, scatter tons of mozzarella cheese and top your favorite toppings (our favorite is chunks of Flaming Chicken & peppers). He then finally wheedles the pizza onto a long-handled paddle and through the oven. The pizza bakes at high temperature, giving its deserved crispy golden edges, yet a puffy cushion inside the ballooned crust. This perfect story ends with your first bite when all the cheese has relaxed into a molten lake of tomato sauce.
This story is complemented by both freshly sourced ingredients and excellence in our cooking methods. We also take pride in our name – La Vera Pizzeria – which translates as “The True Pizzeria” in Italy. Hence, our motto is to give our heart out to stay true to pizzas. Our menu is well rounded with options for pizza crusts, flavors for all and other side dishes. Experience it at our cozy diner with a spectacular view or join our delivery customer squad. This squad gets extra bonuses of chili flakes, La Vera special hot sauce made from githeyo mirus (Scotch bonnet), free coke and on-time delivery.
We are always one call away at 3335554. You can also order online through Facebook or Instagram direct messages. Keep an eye out on the page for upcoming offers. Spread the pizza love by sharing our page and be a part of our story.

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