The Language Learning Centre (LLC Maldives) is the eldest language school in the Maldives and the first international school in the country.
LLC was established in August 1998 by a keen and devoted Maldives-lover from Austria. Placed in the heart of the island capital, Male’ LLC Maldives quickly became the most popular centre for those who want to study languages. Over the years English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic & Dhivehi have been taught at LLC Maldives with great passion & enthusiasm. LLC Maldives is well knows for delivering language courses taught mostly by native speakers of the languages targeting authenticity and highest standards. One of the greatest successes of the LLC Maldives is attracting foreigners, both those who teach their native tongues and the ones placed in Male’ who wish to participate in the live of local community getting to know their language, customs & culture in ‘Dhivehi for foreigners’ classes.
LLC Maldives was the first place in the country to offer the variety of language courses and English classes conducted according to newest western methods and based on international curriculum. Depending on experienced language teachers LLC Maldives reaches the top of the language education and keeps creating a recognisable brand in language education.
The success of the school relies not only on skilled and educated teachers; the management of LLC Maldives is the core of all achievement. Energetic and creative owners modernize courses and model the shape of LLC Maldives year by year. The language school was the first the Maldives to introduce Young Learner’s English Cambridge program and trained the first in Maldives batch of students to participate in the international examination. LLC Maldives keeps finding new international opportunities for students, either in Cambridge curriculum or by updating the unique LLC syllabus.
LLC Maldives is not an ordinary organization or just a school; we are a team almost like a family, each playing his or her role for the greater good of all. Motivated and dedicated teachers together with owners and management work hard to achieve the best level of education a language school can offer.

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