The company was established to operate the aerodromes and manage the airport functions efficiently in a sustainable manner. Currently the company oversees the functions of 6 airports which includes, H. Dh. Hanimaadhoo Airport, H. Dh. Kulhudhufushi Airport, Sh, Funadhoo Aiport, HA. Hoarafushi Airport, G.Dh. Maavarulu Airport and Fuvahmulah Airport. Scattered around the islands of Maldives, each airport is located in a scenery rich island, each of them telling a story with their rich cultural aspects and capture worthy scenic sites. For example, the nature conservatory in Fuvahmulah Island is one of a kind, moreover, being the only single-island atoll the unique patterns of ocean current creates the most favorable environment for pelagic fishes, including tiger sharks. Similarly, Hanimaadhoo Airport was the second domestic airport in the Maldives, which is located at the border of HA & HDH atoll, providing access to majority of the islands within the two atolls. The airports managed under the companies wings all have unique characteristics which makes them special, Hoarafushi being the northern most airport of Maldives, Kulhudufushi and Funadhoo both telling their own story.

The establishment of these airports have been very important to bring the islands closer together and create the connectivity within the islands by being a gateway to hop around different parts of the country. The proper management of these airports are undeniably paramount to keep the tiny islands of Maldives connected. RACL puts together a joint effort to preserve this and work towards being the catalyst that not only helps connect the islands but also boost the economy towards greater development.

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