Reliable Security Services Pvt. Ltd is a registered company founded on 19th September 2019 provides a wide range of
security services to commercial organizations and a variety of security services to both small and large businesses
throughout Maldives. In August 2020, it began operating amid the pandemic outbreak . Like any other companies, RSS was
faced with problems peculiar to its operations during the most unprecedented crises in the world, which management
solved by bringing adjustment to recruitment and bringing in personnel of integrity, experience and competence team to
run the business in order to satisfy the clients’ needs for reliable way since it started operations, it is our single-minded
purpose and goal to provide the highest level of protective security services and has achieved much success through
building on its policy of integrity, credibility and developed good relationship with our clients and it goes hand in hand with
our philosophy of service clients at all times. At RSS we recognise the importance of our security team in providing customer
service that goes beyond expectations. We rely on our professional team who are pro-active, dedicated, competent,
motivated and highly trained employees who take pride in their work as we provide you assured protection for your life, your
guests and your property. We believe that the key to providing a first class service lies with investing in the workforce which
is why we at RSS have made significant contributions towards recruitment, training and development of our teams by
making a continued effort towards personal and professional development.
Due to RSS its key strength the company has fostered such growth and expansion in the increasingly competitive
environment. This has led to a recognition of being a quality provider of security support services with the ability to provide a
single source for all our client security needs. The clients who regularly place their trust in us is a testimony of the total
professionalism and dedication of our team. We provide discreet, but results oriented services in any field of
protection.Therefore, we look to our clients to assist us in determining their requirements for themselves and the
organization so that security can be instituted which not only meets, but anticipates and exceeds client requirements. With
a reputation for both effective security solutions and the use of innovative technology in the protection of life and property.
As we cover a range of security roles with the aim of providing a complete professional security package so our client and
employee feel safe.

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