A service oriented company with strategic values and has an common vision for innovative development.

Company Overview
Symphony Maldives Pvt Ltd was registered in 1997, proudly owns and operate Symphony®, the oldest existing restaurant brand in the capitol city. The grand opening of this family restaurant was in 1992.

The word “Symphony” means Musical Orchestra. The CEO of the company Mr. Waleed Ibrahim believes that cooking is an art just like music. A dish is created with utmost care and our philosophy is that we believe anyone can cook, but only a mastermind can create a unique cuisine that is tasteful.

The company’s main aim is to pursue a dream of not just providing quality products and services to customers, but to become the “Champions in the service industry” by responsible marketing, personal service, delicious food and excellent customer service.

The Flagship restaurant Symphony located in Athamaa Goalhi was opened in 1992 with just a mere inception of 6 tables. In time, our expertise in serving delicious variations of dishes with professional and personal service helped build our reputation by word of mouth establishing Symphony Brand as one of the most popular restaurants in the country.

With the demand from our customer base to provide bulk catering for weddings and events, we established Symphony Catering Services in 1992. During the trail of the catering services we received good reviews from the customers and gained potential clientele to develop this area of business. With this regard our
management team assembled qualified staff and equipment to cater for commercial events.

The most rewarding event when the company prevailed the open bid to cater for Tha. Atoll project by the disaster management. This was a challenging project as we had to cater for more than 800 people for 10 consecutive days, and completed the task with flying colors, without receiving any complaints with regards to neither food quality nor service. The company proved its social responsibility by helping the Tsunami victims of 2004, as they were being transferred to a newly built island. The hard work of staff's has proven that “no project is big enough for Symphony Maldives” as we incorporate “We can” attitude when it comes to challenges of catering to customer needs.

After doing a lot of market analysis in 2013 Symphony Maldives embarked on one of its long term goals by getting in to Lodging Business in K. Maafushi. The company took on the challenge of building an 18 room property on the beach front of Maafushi Island.

Crystal Sands Beach Hotel was opened on 1st July 2014. The crown jewel of the company with the concept of "Affordable Luxury holidays in Maldives". The property consists of 18 deluxe rooms fully furnished with modern eclectic interiors.

The company consistently seeks opportunities to outshine, and building a workforce who will mold the future growth within the company.

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