C MAS believes in the phrase “catch them young”. Aimed at increasing the thinking power of normal children from early years, U C MAS uses, the Abacus, for right side of brain development which as many of us know is the seat of thinking power. The Mental Arithmetic program starts with the basic foundation course wherein the concept, methodology, usage of Abacus and fingering movements its beads are introduced. Thereafter, the course progresses to the next levels. At the by Intermediate A Level, the abacus is withdrawn from the child and they are trained to visualize an ‘Imaginary Abacus’ to perform different types of mathematical calculations, mentally. Such a method facilitates clarity of thought, imagination, concentration, photographic memory and the ability to think better. Our unique training techniques are very simple enabling children to develop their latent mental power without any sort of excesses on the human brain. Once the specified speed and mental skills are achieved the children can take part in any of our competitions, worldwide.

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