The most comprehensive Business Directory of the Maldives is Maldives’s leading online business directory. Launched in 2019, We have put the names, addresses, telephone numbers and locations of thousands of businesses at your fingertips.

Search over 400 classifications for over 3,000 entities matching the type of business you need, or find the right business near you by searching for a company name. 

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Location & Maps would be the first and only business directory or database service in the Maldives which would have GPS location tag all of your businesses.

Web & Mobile is a multi platform compatible, fully responsive web site and would have an iOS and Google Play store application to complement the experience.

High Load speeds

Hosted on a state of the art cloud based server. Our website would have amazing speed to give you your search results instantly with minimum down time.

User Reviews reviews is the ratings and reviews platform. Here you can review and share feedback on your local businesses near you and connect with the business owners.

Compare Businesses

On you can, for the first time, compare businesses in the same categories with user reviews and ratings. And also check out their promotions.

Minimalist interface

Designed with the minimalist user interface's user end experience is unparalleled in the Maldives and provides only required information.


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Frequently asked questions is the business directory of the Maldives listing more than 3,000 business entities in over 400 classifications. 

Services of is totally 100% FREE.

Yes and its very easy. Go register an account and GET LISTED for FREE.

Maldives lacked any such business directory or database service which showcased all the businesses categorized in once place. Where users can leave a review and compare like businesses. And hence we developed the application to care to this very specific demand in the market.

Both these options are available. In the business listing page, where if the listing is your business, you can claim it as yours. And if there are discrepancies in the listing (i.e. fraud or misrepresentation) you could report the listings by clicking the report button and our agents will get back to you with a response.

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