As the Sole distributor for mega tobacco company- JTI (Japan Tobacco International) we import the JTI brands: Camel (one of the top rated brands in Maldives), Mild Seven and Winston, which are three from the top five cigarette brands in the world. We also import and distribute JTI owned regional brand: More.

We are the exclusive dealer for Zippo the world famous windproof timeless lighter brand. A true classic, that remains to this day, a steadfast friend to all our customers.

Taking the tobacco distribution up a notch, we also import Cuban cigars for the more upscale market.

Our tobacco import and distribution business dates back to 1998, but it was in May 2001 with the birth of the tobacco shop ROOT that business really took off. Since then, ROOT has stood through the test of time, unwavering and growing, creating the identity recognized by any Maldivian today.

CGT Pvt Ltd (Consumer Goods Trading Pvt Ltd) – was officially registered on 14th of August 2003.

Our timeline shows the remarkable leap from importing just a few cases of cigarettes to becoming the largest tobacco distributor in the country.

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    • Original Maaid
      28 May 2021 at 20:57

      Absolute wonderland here in the Maldives for the Tobacco lovers

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