More than 80% of farmers have taken Startup package

Agro National Corporation (AgroNAT) has revealed more than 80% of the farmers working with the company have taken up the start-up package.

The start-up package of AgroNat provides various tools and equipment the farmer needs to carry out farming. The startup package was launched with its contract farming project and it is available to farmers who have participated in the company’s contract farming project.

Speaking to PSM News, the Regional Manager of Agronat Nadhiya Abdulla said the farmers will be provided with fertilizers, medicines, and equipment under the start-up package once they sign up to work with AgroNat under the contract farming programme. The farmers are given a two-year period to pay for the equipment, she said.

Furthermore, Nadia said one of the main benefits of the package is that AgroNat provides equipment 20% cheaper than the market price. She went on to reveal that 80% of the farmers have now taken the startup package.

AgroNat has so far distributed items worth USD193,000 to farmers under the start-up package. AgroNat has visited 68 islands to provide information on its contract farming project. More than 2,000 farmers are already registered with AgroNat. There are 1,000 farmers signed up with the company, of whom more than 300 are growing crops in fields.

Source: PSM News